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AM.OK & Tijn Wybenga

za. 16 juli 2022 19:00 - 19:45, Het Weiland
‘Fresh, vibrant jazz of the future’, is what NRC calls Tijn Wybenga’s music and his orchestra, AM.OK (Amsterdam Modern Orchestra), which is ‘bursting at the seams with talent.’ Bimhuis invited Wybenga as new maker in 2019. Mission: give an impuls to the new generation of jazz musicians in The Netherlands. He formed an orchestra of musicians, from whom he sampled a collection of improvisations first, to create yet another collection of compositions: Brainteaser. 

Tijn Wybenga - composer & conductor
Alistair Payne - trumpet
Kika Sprangers - saxophone   
Nabou Claerhout - trombone   
Federico Calcagno – bass clarinet 
Pablo Rodriguez - violin
Yanna Pelser, George Dumitriu - viola 
Pau Sola - cello  
Teis Semey - guitar
Alessandro Fongaro - bass 
Jamie Peet - drums  
Dániel Bolba - percussion

AM.OK & Tijn Wybenga

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